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Providing International Online Payment Solutions since 1998

At First Atlantic Commerce (FAC) we provide our customers with secure and leading internet payment solutions that have a global reach.

Based in Bermuda, we originally established ourselves in 1998 as an international payment gateway providing secure, transaction processing solutions for online merchants. Since then we have rapidly grown into who we are today; a complete internet payment provider.

Alongside global credit and debit card processing, we also support alternative payment options through our unique, secure interface. Coupled with this, we provide online fraud detection and risk management solutions too.

These solutions are made completely bespoke to you, your company and requirements. Our products are then provided with a customer service second to none. You will not only benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience, but you will also be working alongside a partner who will provide you with excellent customer service.

One Technical Integration to enable you access to our services
International organisations and small to medium sized businesses across the globe benefit from our payment solutions. We can offer you a completely customized and flexible payment processing solution allowing you to expand your internet-based business into new markets across new regions and countries. This is achieved with one integration to our powerful and secure payment platform and access to various banks across the globe.

No Start-ups
FAC does not process for companies that are new to trading online unless they have brick and mortar history. Companies must show at least 6 months of processing history. We typically work with mid to large sized organizations.

A Payment Gateway for Merchant Accounts

Our feature-rich and highly secure payment gateway is a system called cGate®.

Integration with our payment gateway system and your website or eCommerce platform is done fast and simply connecting via our Application Program Interface (API). No technical knowledge is needed; we can work with your developers or website managers to couple the platform into your web presence rapidly, expediting how quickly you and your organisation can start taking advantage of the benefits our system provides.

As a Merchant you will also be able to take advantage of our Virtual Terminal (VT). This allows you a convenient way to manually process card transactions received through telephone, fax, email or even in person. The Virtual Terminal works seamlessly and is completely secure.

Batch Processing, Recurring Billing and Tokenization re also available upon request.


Online Fraud Management Solutions

At FAC we provide merchants, banks and PSPs with powerful fraud management solutions enabling the mitigation of online fraud to protect your business from chargebacks and unauthorized payments. Using our own 3-D Secure™ payer authentication solution for Visa Secure and MasterCard Identity Check, we can provide a standalone authentication solution for your business or we can provide it in conjunction with our cGate® payment gateway services.

Alongside our fraud management services we also provide pre-authentication solutions such as Address Verification Services (AVS) and Card Verification Value (CVV). These solutions are known as CVV2 for Visa, CVC2 for MasterCard and CID for American Express and are all available to you as further layers of protection, security and compliance. We can provide these services as standalone or used to anonymously pre-screen North American customers ($0 AVS).

We also have the award winning fraud detection service — Kount — available on our platform.

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